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2018 Update:  Delaware Medical Board Tightens up its Telemedicine Regulations: "The new guidelines specify that a valid doctor-patient relationship in telehealth can only be established via a live, real-time audio-visual platform. This eliminates phone-based telehealth services as well as asynchronous or store-and-forward telehealth."
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More Info:
Since July 1, 2012, the Delaware Medical Assistance Program has been providing telemedicine-delivered services to Medicaid clients for behavioral health and general healthcare services including medical subspecialties not widely available in the state.
See the final regulations here.
Telemedicine services are being reimbursed for telemedicine-delivered services provided by an originating site that is paid a facility fee for the telemedicine space and equipment, with the consulting services reimbursed as if delivered face-to-face.
For services to be covered, both the distant provider and the originating site provider must be enrolled in the Delaware Medical Assistance Program or in one of the program’s managed care organizations.
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