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Ohio Medicaid Telehealth billing guidance 


Ohio Medicaid Coverage of Telemedicine - 2015  Ohio pays the facility fee Q3014

The Ohio Medical Board adopted new rules for telemedicine prescribing of drugs and controlled substances, allowing providers to prescribe drugs via telemedicine without conducting an in-person examination.  Effective March 23, 2017, the new rules set forth the requirements a physician must follow when prescribing legend drugs and controlled substances via telemedicine in Ohio.

Read a full explanation of the new changes and how they impact telemedicine providers, plus access a copy of the new rules, at this link:

Ohio Telemedicine Prescribing and Controlled Substances Laws


2017 Telemed FAQ's from the Ohio Medical Board


See Additional information below:

5122-29-03 Behavioral health counseling and therapy service  Section (F)

 5122-29-04 Mental Health Assessment Service  Section (C)

 5122-29-05 Pharmacological Management  Section (C)

 5122-29-17 Community Psychiatric Supportive Treatment  Section (J)



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