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Oklahoma reimburses for telemedicine + a separate facility fee (Q3014) but only in OHCA approved networks.

List of Approved Networks


Oklahoma Medical Board approves telemedicine effective September, 2014, as long as HIPAA-compliant technology is used.  Secure Telehealth Software is HIPAA-compliant.

Read the Medical Board final rule here.


Oklahoma Health Care Authority

Medicaid Policies and Rules
Medical Providers – Fee For Service (See page 3)



Excerpt appears below

(c) Coverage. SoonerCare coverage for telemedicine technology is limited to consultations, office visits, individual psychotherapy, psychiatric diagnostic interview examinations and testing, mental health assessments and pharmacologic management.

(1) An interactive telecommunications system is required as a condition of coverage.

(2) Coverage for telemedicine services is limited to members in rural areas, underserved areas, or geographic areas where there is a lack of medical/psychiatric/mental health expertise locally.

(3) Office and outpatient visits that are conducted via telemedicine are counted toward the applicable benefit limits for these services.

(4) Authorized originating sites are:

(A) The office of a physician or practitioner;

(B) A hospital;

(C) A school;

(D) An outpatient behavioral health clinic;

(E) A critical access hospital;

(F) A rural health clinic (RHC);

(G) A federally qualified health center (FQHC); or

(H) An Indian Health Service facility, a Tribal health facility or an Urban Indian clinic (I/T/U).

(5) Authorized distant site specialty physicians and practitioners providers are contracted:

(A) Physicians;

(B) Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners;

(C) Physicians Assistants;

(D) Genetic Counselors;

(E) Licensed Behavioral Health Professionals; and

(F) Dieticians.; and

(G) I/T/U’s with specialty service providers as listed in (A) through (F) above.


2008 Oklahoma Medical Board Telehealth Policy is available here.


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